Pensions and auto enrolment

Pensions and auto enrolment

Build a pension plan that works for everyone

Everyone deserves a comfortable lifestyle after a lifetime of hard work. The last thing you want is HMRC to spoil that with unexpected taxes. And if you’re expecting your state pension to allow you annual holidays and new cars, well, forget it. Building a robust pension plan will help you live the retirement you want – and the sooner you start, the better. AssureTax can put you in touch with a selection of Independent Financial Advisors (FCA regulated) who can help you build a personal pension plan that suits your needs and wants. 

Since 2018, every business has been obliged to automatically enrol its employees into a pension scheme but finding one that’s good value can be a struggle. There are also tax implications to each scheme and given pensions are invested in stocks and shares, there’s also the level of return to think about. We understand this might sound daunting – that’s why we’re here to help. As part of our payroll bureau service, we can also help employers who are looking for an appropriate workplace pension scheme that is compliant with auto-enrolment. 

Meanwhile, self-employed and sole traders don’t get enrolled automatically into a scheme in the same way as employees. This means a worrying amount of business owners don’t contribute to a personal pension at all. If this sounds like you, we can help you get started by putting you in touch with a selection of Independent Financial Advisors. They can design your pension plan based on your choice of what risks you’re willing to take and your investment preferences.  Want to speak to one of our advisors about pensions and auto enrolment?

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