Monthly packages

Our customised monthly pricing plans are designed to accommodate the various stages of your business growth. If you prefer to knowing in advance your monthly investment, then a set fixed fee covering all the aspects listed in your chosen plan might be more suitable to your needs.

Improve your cashflow.Please enquire further about how we can budgets and spread your annual accounting fees over our monthly direct debit guarantee plan.

If you are interested in a complete Virtual Accounts Office, you will find the features of this package listed further below.

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 Virtual Accounts Office

For business owners that want to delegate and free up valuable limited available time, for both business development whilst achieving that work life balance.

Includes everything from Premier
Cashflow forecasting report

Cash flow forecasting has historically been a manual process carried out almost entirely in spreadsheets and guess work. This causes problems with data being out of date or prone to human error.

With our intelligent real time forecasting solution, you will be able to predict your future liquidity requirements and have an accurate, up to date cash flow insights into your business. Together, we will be able to discuss how to make those crucial business decisions:

Should I buy or lease a fixed asset?

Am I able to employ an additional member of staff?

Can I increase my dividends?

And of course the effect of these decisions on your businesses cash flow 6-9-12+ months ahead.

Purchase invoice automation

Reduce the anxiety of this admin whilst also save time on the more important aspects of running your business. You will have access to our latest app ‘Dext Prepare’ to both take photo images of your purchases invoices, have these sent to us in real time with a click of a button whilst also automatically backing these up on the cloud in case the hard copies got lost and were required in the future by the HMRC or for your own supplier queries. You will also receive a dedicated email address to provide to your suppliers.

Unlimited support and tax advice*

As your virtual accounts office, we are available to assist with any accounting or taxation queries that may arise through the year. This service should be viewed like we are an extension of your business team.

Unlimited bookkeeping transactions*

This covers all your sales and purchases invoicing; Multiple bank account transactions; Journal adjustments and Expense claims.

Raising and sending invoices

We’ll get to grips with your invoicing procedure and collate the information that we need form your project management system etc to create your sales invoices promptly and get them out to your clients.

Posting purchase invoices

We can either, post your purchase invoices directly into the system or have set up an accounts@ email address and arrange for all of your suppliers to send their invoices to this address. We’ll login regularly and post those invoices into your Xero accounting system so your payables list is always up to date and we’re ensuring up to date reporting. Further automations can bring cost savings benefits which are also available.

Supplier payments and relations

Once your supplier invoices are in Xero, they need approving and finally paying. Through the use of connected cloud technology we will advise you which suppliers are due for payment and forward you with a report guiding you how to pay these suppliers through a payments app connected to your online banking once this has been approved.

Bank reconciliation

In order to ensure you have up to date lists of receivables and payables, and up to date financial reporting, we’ll login to your Xero accounting system regular and reconcile the bank transactions so you can rely on the accuracy of the information.

Payroll, paying staff salaries and expenses

We’ll advise you of the monthly pay run to pay all of your staff salaries and expenses so you don’t need to worry about finding the time to make sure this vital process is carried out on time.

Use of our office as your company registered office

We will receive all of the formal legal and Companies House correspondence, which we will scan in and email to you.

Debt collection and client relations

Some clients need more managing than another’s when it comes to settling your invoices. We’ll make sure they are chased up professionally and sensitively to get cash into your bank account whilst maintaining excellent relationships.

Specialist Sectors

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Our clients are small business owners, just like us: local restaurants, pubs, estate agents, dentists, convenience stores, car dealerships – you name it. We’ve got over 20 years of professional accounting experience to pull from, helping businesses of all sizes, and combining our unique insight and personalised approach to deliver a great service.


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