Tax investigations

Tax investigations

Stay compliant and on top of HMRC

HMRC can investigate businesses at random, as well as for specific reasons. This can come as a surprise to many business owners, who were simply unaware that they could be subject to an investigation. Without proper assistance, this can be daunting at best, and completely demoralising at worst, leaving you with hours of paperwork and meetings to complete just to appease the Government.

To get HMRC off your back, you need an expert defence strategy. We offer tax investigations help throughout the entire process as we know how HMRC operates. Every tax return or set of accounts is put together with our knowledge of HMRC in mind to minimise the risk of investigation, thus identifying any areas that may lead to potential problems. We also make sure that the taxman sticks to their own internal guidelines.

If an investigation does get triggered, we will talk you through the enquiry process, talk about expectations, and support you along the way. If there is anything about tax investigations that comes up that you’re unsure about, or need further clarification on, we’ll be here to assist you.

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